Friday, January 19, 2007


Don't mind me. I'm gonna rave for a minute...

How could a person be lvl 70 when the expansion cam out THIS WEEK.
I'm lvl 61, and ive played everyday, for only about an hour but still, its not fair.


Current Events

This just in: Rugby and his clanmates/friends have transfered Realms from Mal'Ganis (Population: FULL) to the new realm The Underbog (Population: New) The Underbog could quite possibly be the most desolate place in the history of World of Warcraft, there is most likely about 40 players on this realm, seeing how it is only open to transfer characters. We have created a guild, but we have debated over a guild name. We have thought of "Acceptance" "Fierce" "Vengeance" but i created the guild and i named it "Jet Setters."

Oh yeah, I hit lvl 61, Quest rewards love me, XP loves me, duel weilding loves me, the final boss of Hellfire Ramparts does not love me.

I ran HR last night and we whiped on the final boss, because the Troll preist could not heal for his life, he threw a Powerword: Shield on me, and thats it. i'm a MAIN TANK for the love of god, heal me!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The New Frontier

! I installled the exspansion yesterday to find it took much quicker than i thought, the regular world of warcarft took about 15 minutes to fully install, and another 10 minutes to patch, but the new exspansion took about 2 minutes to install, including patches. As soon as i installed, i took the zepplin to Grom'Gol and flew to The Swamp of Sorrows where i ran to the Dark Portal. Of coarse, the alliance had to be annoying and camp the portal so it took me about 5 minutes to get there, being killed by numerous rogues, and trinket mages about 5 times, good old Mal'Ganis Alliance, never cease to amaze me.

I didn't get too much playing time, because i had to work but i managed to get 2 and 1/2 bars of XP with my druid friend Awnek.

The quest rewards are starting to have better stats than my gear now, and they are green, how embarrasing. One thing i can get used to is the 1,000+ XP from a creep, and the 10 silver they drop each. Also you get atleast 3 gold per Quest, and the reward vendors for atleast 3 g each. woo.

Image:646436b.jpg[Oh Yes]

The Burning Crusade, A New Era...

Today, the expansion (The Burning Crusade) is to be realeased. The World Of Warcraft expands to resist the invasive corruption of the Burning Legion, in the game's first retail add-on package. The Dark Portal is reopened, and it is left to the greatest heroes of the Horde and the Alliance to rise up and meet the soulless scourge in its otherworldly garrisons -- lest they face it once again in their troubled homelands of Azeroth.

Two new races arrive with the Burning Crusade expansion. The Blood Elves, doomed descendants of the High Elves who fought alongside Humans against Orcs generations earlier, join the Horde. The Draenei, refugee people that managed to resist the Legion's demonic corruption, have fled their world and joined the Alliance on Azeroth. Blood Elves may become Paladins, and Draenei may become Shaman, opening these classes to each factions for the first time.

The expansion adds dozens of monsters and hundreds of quests, raises the level cap to 70, and brings flying mounts. An additional profession, jewelcrafting, is introduced. High-level spells and talents are added, and new equipment becomes available -- including socketed items to be enhanced with crafted jewels.

New endgame instance raids are capped at 25 members (previous instances had a limit of 40 players).

Image:Burning Crusade Blood Elves.jpg[Blood Elfs in their starting area]

How exciting..

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Man, The Legend.

I thought you'd want to see the infamous Rugby you have heard oh so much about. As you can see he is weilding his Untamed Blade and wearing his DPS gear.

On another note, me and a few of my buddies found a glitch in the Battleground system. Myself, Yeta, Kytho, Riskymilk and Ector discovered that before the battleground starts, you can climb and jump the gate to get a head start. The only problem is the Pesky Alliance reported Kytho, getting him a warning from Blizzard.

And the expansion countdown is now at 7 days.

Monday, January 8, 2007


This weekend was full of action in my Realm, my old guild "RAID" was disbanded, so i left them and joined the guild "CEC"(with my homeboys, Resign, Billmarvin, Sliceyou, Slix, Shot, Yeta, Ector, Greeksauce & Twotone) I went on my first raid on a dungeon, Zul Gurub. This run was very successfull, we did not whipe on any boss, we oneshot them all. I looted my Primal Hakkari Kossack, which when turned in at Yo'Jamba Island, gives you a very nice Epic chestpiece. Also after a few weeks of PVP, i got Deathguard's Cloak.
[Hakkar, Supreme leader of Zul'Gurub]

I'm pretty pumped, the Exspansion (Burning Crusade) comes out in about a week! 20 man raids here we come!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome to the world of Azeroth.

This blog will consist of my adventures through the World Of Azeroth on the MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) World of Warcraft.

First i will describe to you my toons. First we have my Level 60, Orc Warrior named Rugby in the Guild "RAID." When in raid with the guild Rugby weilds the Bloodlord's defender and the Immovable object. He also wears 5/8 Might, this includes the Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, Boots and Legplates. When alone, or with friends (Resign, Awnek, Billmarvin and Greeksauce) in a Battleground fighting off the Alliance, Rugby weilds the two hand weapon The Untamed Blade, and full DPS gear. Rugby's mounts are Frostwolf Howler and Black War Kodo

I also have an alternative toon (alt). He is a Level 60, Undead rogue with 2/8 Nightslayer. Thats about all he has, i don't play with him much.

I'll keep in touch, when my gear updates and to inform about major Raids etc...